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Discover Beautiful Taytay

Nestled on a secluded paradise in the middle of Palawan island…

Palawan is home to some of the most spectacular beaches and island views in the Philippines and harbors our magical hometown Taytay, also called the glittering star of the North or Estrella del Norte as known by the locals.

A hidden corner in the northern province of Palawan, Taytay’s seascapes is as rich as its history. Dotted by a number of islands and marine sanctuaries, the town is a diving and snorkeling haven. The crystal clear water, lagoons and the limestone formations are just some of the things that take your breath away.

Take the road off the beaten track and find peace on an unadulterated island where you can delight in the untouched, pristine gifts of nature.

Turtle spotting snorkeling Palawan, Taytay

Best Snorkeling In Palawan

With sapphire-blue water everywhere, Taytay is an exotic dream destination for snorkeling. Here, nature outnumbers man, coastlines remain flawless and coral gardens flourish. The Dream Resort truly is the ultimate escape.

luxury island hopping boat Palawan experiences

Palawan Island Hopping

Island hopping will introduce you to everything that makes Palawan such a tropical paradise. Snorkel in the cyan waters, explore caves, cliff dive into the ocean, swim with turtles, walk through jungle trails and experience the warm hospitality of rural Filipinos.

Palawan Sea Kayak Adventures

Opt for the open waters and venture out on exhilarating sea kayak adventures. Explore sea caves and land on remote beaches while being entertained by schools of flying fish and turtles swimming by.

Turtle spotting snorkeling Palawan, Taytay

Scuba Diving Excursions

A scuba diving paradise, Palawan is a haven that will make you succumb to the colorful beauty of its marine life. The glistening sand and the crystal clear waters give you that dream vacation you truly deserve where the whispering breeze and the sound of the waves tickle your senses.

luxury island hopping boat Palawan experiences

Kuyawyaw Falls Nature Hike

While the coasts of Palawan tend to always steal the spotlight, the lush interior of the island is equally spectacular. Put down the map and get wonderfully lost with a hike through Taytay’s enchanting forests highlighting how picturesque the province can be. Discover hiking trails with cascading waterfalls and experience some of the best tourists attractions in Palawan.

History Walk

Take a leap back in time and wander through Taytay’s historical richness. Home to UNESCO’s heritage site, The Fuerza De Santa Isabel keeps you immersed in this town’s magic.

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