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History Walk

Explore the Fuerza de Santa Isabel

A reminder of the Spanish times, this splendid Taytay Fort known as Kuta, has withheld the test of time and is still keeping a vigilant watch over the town.

Used as a military base during the Spanish colony, the historic fortress can give you a capsule info about the town’s glorious past. Fortified by canons and bound by history, Fuerza de Santa Isabel is a national cultural treasure.

The top of the fort is open and the view there is spectacular. This marvelous secret-like garden atop the fort offers a complete panorama of Taytay; from the town’s seaport terminal to the Hollywood-inspired signage and many more. The old structure and green surrounding matched by the natural songs of the sea are the perfect setting for a romantic excursion.

Encircled by lush gardens and vibrant blooms, The Fort de Santa Isabel has a quaint chapel that radiates solemnity and a small museum displaying artifacts that played important roles in Taytay’s history. Travel back in time with an educational tour through the walls of this historic landmark of Taytay and enjoy the scenic view from the fortress.

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