Explore the history and beauty of Palawan at Taytay Fort, ( Fuerza de Santa Isabel)

This magnificent Taytay Fort, known locally as “Kuta”, has withstood the test of time and continues to keep a vigilant watch over the town. It is not only a historical fort, but it also allows brides-to-be to arrange a unique castle wedding package. The historic fortress, which served as a military base during the Spanish colony, can provide you with a snapshot of the town’s glorious past and Palawan history. Fuerza de Santa Isabel is a national cultural treasure, fortified by canons and bound by history.

The fort’s top is open, and the view from there is spectacular. This wonderful secret-like garden atop the fort provides a complete view of Taytay, from the town’s seaport terminal to the Hollywood-inspired signage, among other things. The old structure and green surroundings, combined with the natural songs of the sea, provide the ideal setting for a romantic outing or even a morning wedding ceremony.

Encircled by lush gardens and vibrant blooms, The Fort de Santa Isabel has a quaint chapel that radiates solemnity and a small museum displaying artifacts that played important roles in Taytay’s history. Travel back in time with an educational tour through the walls of this historic landmark of Taytay and enjoy the scenic view from the fortress. As one of the palawan activities, visiting the fortress will give a glimpse of the rich history of the island.

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