red and blue kayaks anchored in the shallows

Things to do in El Nido: Explore the Best Kayaking Adventures in Palawan

Imagine you are at the edge of the sea on a beautiful day where it is difficult to say where the sea ends and the sky begins. Sea kayaking, one of the many things to do in El Nido, lets you explore nature around you from a different perspective and broadens your horizons, and Palawan offers some of the best palawan kayaking adventures.

For the more adventurous, about 45 minutes from Puerto Princessa City is a mystical natural bay called Turtle Bay, one of the best tourists attractions in Palawan. Acting as a nursery for many types of wildlife and sea creatures, it’s shores are lined by varying ages of mangrove trees, especially deep into one of its longer rivers estuaries. Right outside the mouth of the bay you will find another gem, the Binunsalian Bay paved with a white sandy beach called Puting Buhangin.

Experience the magic of the island by kayaking, one of the many palawan activities, to Lake Manguao’s quiet lagoon waters and snorkel the bed of hundred kinds of corals and fishes. Observe how stalagmites are formed; and get in the caves with your kayak to discover the natural shape and color made by the water inside the cave.

Palawan kayaking is a perfect way to explore natural fish nurseries, kayak over the most incredible lagoons in the world, visit paradise islands around Palawan and explore its wonderful aquatic ecosystem. Kayaking is a perfect and non-intrusive way to explore the natural beauty of El Nido, one of the top things to do in Palawan.

Things to do in Palawan, a short distance from the resort.

Taytay Island Hopping

Kuyawyaw Waterfalls

Taytay Fort


Things to do in Palawan

Saint Vincent Beach

Lake Manguao

Crocodile Farm

Puerto Princesa South Road, Puerto Princessa